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  • The Pivot system causes us to dig deeper and improve our numbers and reporting system.  It exposed issues we were unaware existed.

    Our company culture and co-worker relationships improved immediately as a result of our Pivot group experiences. 

    John Williamson, Owner | Liberty Restoration, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • We could not have sustained the growth we achieved over the past 10 years without the systems that John helped us to develop.  If you are considering hiring a consultant and do not choose John….you have missed out!!

    Mikhael Cohn, Co-Owner | SI Restoration, Baltimore, Maryland
  • I learned more in my first 6 MONTHS of Pivot than I did in the previous 6 YEARS of another peer advisory group!

    Paul L. Clouser, President/Owner | National Fire & Water Repair, Youngstown, Ohio
  • Keeping an open mind and applying the business acumen learned though Pivot, we have seen better productivity, improved processes, better reporting, and higher profits.

    Rick Gosliga, General Manager | Able Restoration, Inc., Riverside, California
  •  [John] you continue to stretch us, and you possess the instinctive ability to think like a CEO. Not all owners of small business have this natural talent. This is perhaps the greatest gift you give your clients. … You remind us the “big picture” commands attention and you facilitate our struggle to see it clearly.

    Kathy Wheatley, President | Wheatley Associates, Inc., Monkton, Maryland
  • I strongly recommend any [one] who wants to grow personally and wants his/her company to grow (or run more smoothly) to reserve the services of John Kowalski for your benefit. John is a caring and knowledgeable individual who has the experiences and insights to assist you to guide your company to greater success.

    John DeCiantis CGR, Owner | DeCiantis Construction, LLC, Stonington, Connecticut
  • There was a good deal of apprehension from both myself and my staff whether spending money on management consulting was the best use of our resources. I believe that the answer can best be summed up in a statement by one of my junior staff members when he said, “Mike, I don’t know what it cost us to have John here but I believe it will be worth every cent.

    Mike Kinter, Owner | Kinter Construction Services, Inc., Des Moines, Iowa
  • After working with you, both as a facilitator in a group setting and individually, I appreciate your ability to focus my attention on core issues. I find it is all too easy to get distracted by the background clatter, while ignoring the fundamental issues facing me in trying to build and run my business.

    Ron Reese CR WLS, Owner | Ree-Construction, Hailey, Idaho
  • Working with John has been helpful in a number of ways. First his ability to drill down to the real issue, second his insightfulness, third his experience. John has continued to challenge us… we have met with him to brainstorm everything from marketing to production. He has real life experience and exuberance to tackle many of the problems that we as business owners experience.

    Chris Donatelli CR, Partner | Donatelli Castillo Builders, Inc., San Jose, California
  • I feel the overview you obtain by working with many contractors, brings us a level of expertise which would be very difficult to match.

    R.I. Giertsen, President | Giertsen Company, Plymouth, Minnesota
  • Thanks for your outside the box, direct and helpful opinions. I believe your experience as a previous owner of a restoration business, as a moderator and as a consultant to both large and small restoration companies make you a unique individual.

    Michael O’Reilly, President/CEO | Trade-Winds Environmental Restoration, Inc., Bay Shore, New York