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The Power of Peer Groups

Pivot Peer Groups consist of 5-10 comparably sized companies in non-competing markets. At first this might seem crazy. Why would you share your secret sauce? It’s probably not as secret as you think and Peer Group membership, combined with coaching has shown to dramatically amplify profitability, and we have the numbers to prove it. (Download our case study at the bottom of the page). Pivot Peer Groups are exclusive, but if you qualify and participate, you will have amazing results. Though not for everyone, these groups are characterized truly effective networking, brutally honest feedback and a competitive comradery many clients actually enjoy.

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Pivot Before It's Too Late

You don’t always know what you don’t know. Companies can struggle to implement effective, meaningful change. Some believe they understand the problem but still fail to achieve actual results. Even worse, ignorance of options can relegate you to a vicious cycle of trial and error.

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A Light in the Darkness, Pivot Towards Success

A couple of hours of personalized business coaching might be all you need to take your company to the next level. Coaching will improve your focus and help you set clear achievable goals. Regular sessions create accountability and hone your management skills. We specialize in assisting the Insurance Reconstruction niche and you can leverage our experience across many markets to improve your profitability and maintain a thriving, properly motivated team around you. Having an experienced, impartial confidant to discuss challenges and weaknesses will enable you to grow along with your business.

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Stand Up for What You Believe

John Kowalski is a dynamic, motivational speaker whose background in the construction industry formed the basis for his series of lectures and CD that delve into the dynamics of personal change. Using the metaphor of the building industry to convey the need for a solid foundation, reinforced “brick by brick” with values that support problem-solving, initiative, productivity and happiness, his lectures center on how each of us can implement change that is constructive to our lives and those who are important to us.

Some of the more popular topics include the following:

  • The 7 Functions of Management©
  • Using Business Problems to Build a Better Company
  • Mapping Business Processes
  • Implementing Key Business Indicators
  • Writing Simple Business & Marketing Plans
  • Personal Responsibility vs. Victim Consciousness

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